It's not easy to ask for help.

At The People's Therapy Group, we want you feel as comfortable as possible in what may be a difficult time of life. We believe counselling should bring hope and healing to your life and not add undue stress. We have made every effort to create a welcoming and accessible environment for individuals, couples and families to grow and change.

We believe that therapy is a collaborative process, and will work with you towards the goals that you set for yourself. Not all things work for all people, so the therapists at The Peoples Therapy Group will work to create the experience that best suits your needs. Our style is integrative, interactive and strength-building. 

It is important that you feel at ease with your therapist, so there are a number of ways to decide which therapist will be your best fit. Please check out the therapists' bios here, or fill out an appointment form to be matched based on your unique needs. Appointments are available during the daytime as well as on evenings and weekends to accommodate your busy schedule.

Our office is wheelchair accessible and has ample parking. 




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Why see a therapist? 

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+ You want to improve your relationships

This could mean with your partner, your children, your friends or your parents. We are systemically-trained therapists, and recognize that healthy relationships are an important part of a happy life.

+ You want to explore your sexuality or gender

Having a safe and non-judgmental space is crucial when talking about sex, orientation, and gender. Here at the The People's Therapy Group, we are trained to work with you around everything from coming-out to improving sexual intimacy in your relationships.

+ You want to love and accept yourself

How often do you stop to appreciate yourself? Many people have difficulty with this, and it only becomes more difficult when life gets complicated. Therapy can help you explore roadblocks to self-esteem and teach you practical ways to make your happiness a priority.

+ You want to be a more confident parent

Many of us revert to the parenting styles we observed in our own childhood, whether they worked for us or not. Therapy can help you become the parent you want to be, the one your children need.

+ You want to thrive in your career

You may be unhappy where you are, but it can be a struggle to make the changes necessary to make things better. Is fear or interpersonal conflict holding you back? Therapy can be the catalyst for healthy change in your career.

+ You want one hour each week to focus completely on yourself

We understand that life is full of commitments and obligations. Therapy is one of the few places where things are entirely about you. You can explore yourself, go deeper into your current thoughts and feelings, or just sit and “be” for a while. This vital practice has become a forgotten art in our world today.

+ You want to let go and forgive

Holding on to past hurts has serious physical, emotional, and relational consequences. Persistent anger, sadness, fear or worry all create a lower quality of life than you deserve. Through therapy you can learn to resolve these issues for yourself and get to a place of peace.

+ You want a place to practice assertiveness, expressing emotion, or anything else

Therapy is a place for you to explore, experiment, and practice behaviors that are scary in the rest of life. With the help of your therapist, you can develop meaningful skills that you can take with you into the world.

Therapy requires courage, motivation, and a commitment to yourself. This process may at times be emotionally challenging, however the ultimate goal of therapy is to develop effective coping skills, make healthy choices, achieve personal growth and well-being, reach individual goals, and build satisfying relationships.

Please do not hesitate to call or email for further information that will help make you visit a comfortable one.

We are here to help.